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Seesmic for iPhone

It had to happen eventually. Twitter for iPhone (previously known as Tweetie 2) is one of the best Twitter apps for the iPhone. ┬áIt’s jammed packed with features but with some really nice UI elements that don’t give you that … Continue reading

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Status, Location, & Google Buzz

By now I’ve had the time to really mess with Google Buzz quite a bit. I have it importing most of my feeds, and I have made the occasional post to it. I have to say, I like the idea. Buzz is one part status updating (like Twitter or Facebook) and then it adds a location element underneath. As you post from places you can tie the post to a location, bring in some context on your note (at least on occasion). Continue reading

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TwitterNET Project: A .NET Twitter Library

Over the weekend, I finally finished a large chunk of wrapping the Twitter API into a .NET 3.5 library using C#. With the exception of the OAuth & Search methods, this most of the REST methods are complete (only 3 are not done at this time but should be done soon). The project is located on Github by clicking here. Continue reading

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Properly Using Twitter & FriendFeed

Basically to boil it down, I keep my Twitter stream fairly focused while my FriendFeed stream is anything but focused. FriendFeed is for those that desire information overload. Continue reading

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Trying to Use FriendFeed More

And that’s where FriendFeed’s shining gem lies. As people get on the service and begin marking “Like” on different articles and share various findings from the web you can find a lot of interesting articles on a lot of topics. Everything from information on the latest Iran election riots to iPhone news. Continue reading

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Why I Uninstalled TweetDeck From My iPhone

Last night after trying to use it for an entire day, I uninstalled TweetDeck from my iPhone. The app, in case you haven’t used it yet, is gorgeous. It is incredibly simple to use while retaining much of the power that can be found in the desktop version of TweetDeck, most specifically tabs. But it had it’s share of problems. Continue reading

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