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Why Robert Scoble is Wrong (And a Little Right) About Apps

Robert Scoble is no stranger to opinions. He has several of them, and he posts them on Twitter daily. Sometimes his opinions are valid, other times they can come across as blatant fanboy. That’s okay though, that’s what the internet is for. But he has recently taken the stance that the success of the platform is based solely on the number of native applications it has available. Continue reading

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My Thoughts on LastPass

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you probably know that I highly encourage everyone to use a password vault of some kind. There are several good ones available some of them are free, other’s cost money. Over the years I’ve tried several and the ones I’ve used the most are KeePass and more recently LastPass. Continue reading

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WebM Video & Free Video Codecs

An open web where developers don’t have to potentially pay royalties is a good thing. Keeping things open and free when it comes to ensuring that everyone has the same thing on the web is important when you’re developing web applications. Knowing that everyone is going to have the same components, the same codecs, and the same fonts make the web a constant experience regardless of browser choice. Continue reading

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Google Collects Data On PUBLIC Wifi Networks

In a blog post late last week, Google admitted to collecting data sent across unprotected public wireless networks while collecting photos for their Street View feature on Google Maps. Naturally, this has caused a nice uproar from privacy advocates. Many have been asking for Google’s proverbial head on a platter for this outrageous injustice. Only problem is, their fingers are pointed at the wrong party. Continue reading

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Using Secure Passwords

This morning, this article about a Facebook board member’s account being breached inspired me to touch on passwords again. I’ve talked about secure passwords in the past, but on a daily basis I am confronted by people that talk about not wanting to use a more secure password because it “would be hard to remember” but then they will complain when their Facebook or Twitter accounts are hacked. Continue reading

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Status, Location, & Google Buzz

By now I’ve had the time to really mess with Google Buzz quite a bit. I have it importing most of my feeds, and I have made the occasional post to it. I have to say, I like the idea. Buzz is one part status updating (like Twitter or Facebook) and then it adds a location element underneath. As you post from places you can tie the post to a location, bring in some context on your note (at least on occasion). Continue reading

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