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How Smartphones are Changing Travel

This was my first out of state road trip in a probably a decade. And it was interesting to me to see how much smartphones have changed how road trips are done. And I don’t mean in the “keep your kids entertained” kind of way. What follows are just a few observations as to how having a smartphone has changed road trips. Continue reading

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Intro to iPhone Development at Houston Open Dev User Group

Last night at the Houston Open Development User Group, I presented an introduction to iPhone development. Through the course of 2 hours I covered the very basics of iPhone development, from Objective-C to actually creating and wiring up a user interface for an iPhone application. For the demo application, I built a simple Twitter search application that allows a user to type in a search query and see the first 15 results returned from the Twitter search api. Continue reading

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Why Robert Scoble is Wrong (And a Little Right) About Apps

Robert Scoble is no stranger to opinions. He has several of them, and he posts them on Twitter daily. Sometimes his opinions are valid, other times they can come across as blatant fanboy. That’s okay though, that’s what the internet is for. But he has recently taken the stance that the success of the platform is based solely on the number of native applications it has available. Continue reading

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Why Ignore Some Mobile Platforms?

My question is, why would you ignore an obvious, growing sector of the mobile market? Yes, I understand that right now, Apple has the store that has on numerous occasions made people millions for simple applications. However, that doesn’t mean that the Android Marketplace or Windows Phone 7 Marketplace will not make you any money. Continue reading

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Seesmic for iPhone

It had to happen eventually. Twitter for iPhone (previously known as Tweetie 2) is one of the best Twitter apps for the iPhone. ┬áIt’s jammed packed with features but with some really nice UI elements that don’t give you that … Continue reading

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Android and the Fragmentation FUD

With the recent announcement of the new iPhone 4, there’s been a lot of talk about how it compares to the latest run of Android devices (HTC EVO, HTC Droid Incredible, and Nexus One). However anytime someone brings up the Android elephant in the iPhone room, there’s talk similar to “oh well Android is fragmented” or “all those apps won’t work on your phone” and other similar phrases. I want to spend some time today discussing this issue as I see it. Continue reading

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