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Why Ignore Some Mobile Platforms?

My question is, why would you ignore an obvious, growing sector of the mobile market? Yes, I understand that right now, Apple has the store that has on numerous occasions made people millions for simple applications. However, that doesn’t mean that the Android Marketplace or Windows Phone 7 Marketplace will not make you any money. Continue reading

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Experiences on Windows 7

A couple of weeks ago I took the plunge and installed the public beta of Windows 7 onto my personal computer at home.  At the same time I made the leap into the 64-bit world.  I’ve had a 64-bit processor … Continue reading

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FSF Spreads FUD

The Free Software Foundation, today posted an article about the NBC/Microsoft hiccup involving broadcast flags (article). There are a couple of things wrong with this article but the main point I want to focus on is the fact that they go to great lengths to make Microsoft the bad guy in this little fiasco. Continue reading

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Power of Information #77

This week on the Power of Information, Derek, Steven, and I discuss Digg getting suggestions, Microsoft giving Yahoo a time limit, how to get the best seat on an airplane, and the latest iPhone SDK and 2.0 Betas. We also look at javascript Mario and TinyWarz. All this and more on this week’s Power of Information. Continue reading

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MacDaily News Misses the Point

Last but not least, MacDaily News needs to get a serious clue and stop drinking the Apple kool-aid. I mean yes, Apple came out with some really cool stuff when it unleashed the iPhone on the masses but seriously, I have never read an article with so much fan-boyism in it. Read up on technology, work in an enterprise IT, or something before you go off on things you apparently do not understand. Continue reading

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Microsoft is a Flip-Flopper

Yesterday, Microsoft announced a new strategy in relation to “openness” and made basic proclamations with regards to interoperability. The press release entitled, “Microsoft Makes Strategic Changes in Technology and Business Practices to Expand Interoperability” really just served as a general plan of what Microsoft intends to do with making themselves interoperate better with other projects, specifically in the open source arena. Continue reading

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