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Women in Technology

Before I start, I feel I should preface this with the statement of “I’m a guy” and therefore I have no personal understanding of the woman’s plight when it comes to working in the technology field or as a programmer.  I … Continue reading

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Aiding the Enemy

Bradley Manning has been sentenced to 35 years in prison. Fortunately he was found “not guilty” of “aiding the enemy” but for other charges of espionage and violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (a seriously outdated law). I … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Cloud Based Storage

It hit me while I was reading this discussion on redesigning the save button. In most applications right now the “save” button shows a floppy disk. When’s the last time you used a floppy disk to save anything? Exactly. The … Continue reading

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The Logic of Gun Control Advocates

I’ve heard this one a few times. “We need federal gun control laws because gun control laws done by a state don’t matter because people can just go to another state to get guns.” You hear this a lot when … Continue reading

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"You don't need an 'Assault Weapon'"

Since the subject of gun control is back in the national spotlight, you see people from both sides arguing their case. People on the side of more gun control will routinely say something like “You don’t need an assault rifle.” Because they’re scared of the black gun that looks like a military weapon. I want to spend some time attacking this argument. Continue reading

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The Problem with Your Gun Control

Yesterday, another horrible person went on a shooting spree. He killed 26 people, many of whom were elementary school children. This person was sick, demented, and obviously needed help. And I feel nothing but pain and sorrow for the families involved. This is a tragedy, no doubt there.

But it didn’t take but two to four hours for my Twitter, Google+, and Facebook feeds to fill up with political rhetoric about the need for more gun control. It got so bad that I had to actually stop reading my social network feeds and I’ve only glanced at Facebook a couple of times since then. I want to talk about the problem with gun control legislation. Continue reading

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