The Problem with Your Gun Control

Yesterday, another horrible person went on a shooting spree. He killed 26 people, many of whom were elementary school children. This person was sick, demented, and obviously needed help. And I feel nothing but pain and sorrow for the families involved. This is a tragedy, no doubt there.

But it didn’t take but two to four hours for my Twitter, Google+, and Facebook feeds to fill up with political rhetoric about the need for more gun control. It got so bad that I had to actually stop reading my social network feeds and I’ve only glanced at Facebook a couple of times since then. I want to talk about the problem with gun control legislation.

Lets ignore the fact that the Supreme Court of the United States has stated on multiple occasions that the Second Amendment to the United States protects individual Americans’ right to keep and bear arms (U.S. vs. Cruikshank, Dred Scott, Casey vs. Planned Parenthood, U.S., & U.S. vs. Emerson ). But we’re going to ignore that.

We’ll also ignore the fact that Supreme Court has on numerous occasions also stated that the police have no duty to protect you (also here). That whole “who needs guns, we have the police” argument, that’s now null and void. Again, we’re ignoring this.

We’re not going to ignore the fact that in 2 of the most recent mass shootings have been held in what are define as “Gun Free Zones” and in the case of the elementary school, it’s a huge fine plus jail time for carrying a gun on school grounds in several states. Here in Texas if you have a CHL you can bring your gun onto the grounds but you can’t actually enter the school, doing so could result in your license being suspended. So the gunman brought his gun into a building that he legally could not.

But there in lies the problem with those that want to bring about more gun control laws. They want more laws. We have plenty of laws regarding guns on the books. We also have strong laws about murder. Yet, those laws were completely ignored by the gunmen when they decided to enter a theater and/or a public school building. Gun control laws won’t work because criminals don’t follow the law. The laws against murder didn’t stop them from killing people. The laws that prohibit guns at the school didn’t stop them from bring their gun inside to commit the horrific acts.

Lets present this another way. In the United States, cocaine is illegal. It’s illegal to possess. It’s illegal to make. It’s illegal to import. It’s illegal to sell. In other words. You can’t possibly ban cocaine in the United States any more than it already is. Can you honestly tell me that there isn’t an single gram, ounce, or pound of cocaine anywhere in the United States? Get my point? Cocaine is illegal in just about every way possible yet it can still be found in the United States. Why? Because criminals don’t obey the law.

The idea, that we need more gun control laws in order to stop criminals from doing bad things is like saying you need more water to stop from drowning. The logic is so flawed. Yet, we have so much of our society who think and truly believe that gun control laws will stop criminals. They’ll do as much good as those “No Guns Allowed” signs did for Aurora and Sandy Hook.

Just like those “No Guns Allowed” signs, the only people that will abide by gun control laws are law abiding citizens. More gun control laws won’t stop criminals from getting guns. In fact, they won’t even stop maniacs from getting guns, because currently unless you have a criminal record there isn’t much stopping you from buying a gun legally (yes, you already have to pass a background check to get purchase a gun). Gun control laws will only make it more difficult for law abiding citizens to purchase guns. Aren’t those the people we want to have the least amount of trouble when buying a gun?

That’s where I think my disagreement with gun control is. People who want more gun control want less guns. Period. They don’t want anyone to have guns, except the police and the government (lets look to 1930s & 1940s Germany to see how that works). They’re idea of “control” equates to “ban” and I’m not okay with that. I don’t agree with the idea that just because I don’t like something it should be banned and no one should be allowed to have it. That’s just idiotic, in my opinion. You don’t like guns? No one is forcing you to buy one, use one, or shoot one. Why should I not be allowed to own a gun simply because you don’t like them?

I’m all about having a discussion about keeping guns out of the hands of known criminals, the mentally ill, or anyone else that we feel collectively as a society shouldn’t own a gun. I’m also all about discussing criminals who didn’t commit violent crimes being able to regain their Second Amendment rights once they’ve completed their time, probation, and waiting period. So when we talk about guns I want to talk not only about keeping them out of some people’s hands, I want to talk about putting them back into others who prove they can handle the responsibility. I’m all about discussing gun laws. I am not okay with discussing the banning of guns. Banning guns won’t have the effect people think it will, and criminals, they’ll still have guns because criminals don’t obey the law.

Again, criminals don’t obey the law, so more laws isn’t going to stop them from doing the things they want to do. Laws will only affect the law abiding, since they are the ones that actually follow the laws.

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