About Michael Koby

Michael KobyMichael Koby is a technology enthusiast whom has spent the better part of his life in front of a computer screen both for personal and professional purposes. Michael is also a writer, published musician, and information technology professional. Michael’s background consists of a wide variety of technologies and experiences that gives him an unique perspective on technology, media, news, and the world we live in.

Michael Koby actively engages in social media including by not limited to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (see below for a full list of available online profiles). This use of social media allows him to remain on the cutting edge of technology and learn new things through the conversations he has with the many interesting people he has had the privledge to meet, both on and offlline. The social engagement also allows Michael to keep an interesting perspective on the world and media around him.

Michael currently resides in the Houston, Texas area and lives with his wife and two children.

About This Site

This website is Michael Koby’s personal blog. Here he comments on media (both old and new), technology, news, politics, and just about anything else. This is kind of a one stop place for all things Michael. You can find links to his other online profiles and “creations” from this page or from the links near the top. You can also perform a search to see what Michael has written about in the past.

Michael is always looking for ways to improve his content for both you and this website so if you see something amiss or have an idea, please feel free to email Michael anytime with your thoughts, comments, or suggestions.

Places to Find & Contact Michael

Michael has profiles on the following website: Delicious, Disqus, Facebook, FlickrLast.FM, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Also if you are interested in contacting Michael, you can email him at michael at mkoby.com.

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