Below are links to various projects I have created, worked on, or contributed to in some way.

Just for Bands – This project is something I started with a friend of mine (Erick Wilson).  It is the start of a series of applications that can be used to help bands manage themselves.  The first application LiveShow, was released in Jan. 2011.

The Noows – A website that takes in news items from major news sources and presents them to users to be “voted” on. Voted items go to the top of the homepage.  It’s just the news, and nothing else. For more information, see this post.

ShortenURL – This is a Windows application (that currently works fine on the Mono runtime), that allows a user to take a really long URL (web page address) and shorten it to something that is much shorter.  These shortened URLs can be used when posting to sites like Twitter, Facebook statuses, or to a friend via IM.

TwitterNET – A Twitter API wrapper written in C# 3.5.  This is a personal project currently being utilized to practice several aspects of development, such as: Test Driven Development, SOLID, and other “good development” tasks.  This is a learning project for me.  But I would love to have people download and add to it as well as make it better by fixing bugs or bad coding practices.

PasswordHasher – A small program that I wrote for a client that needed the ability to quickly hash passwords.  Simple, no frills, and very straight forward.  This app makes no claims to being fully secure.  It doesn’t do hash salting, and is just a basic one way hash using basic .NET included hashing methods.