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gEdit Color Themes

I’ve been using gEdit (the default text editor in Ubuntu) to do some Ruby and Ruby on Rails programming the last few weeks. I was using the RadRails plugin for Eclipse but for some reason my computer slows down considerably when using Eclipse. The thing is, gEdit comes with a couple of nice color themes by default but the darker Oblivion theme wasn’t quite to my liking. So I a quick Google search later and I found a repository on GitHub that contains several nice gEdit color themes. I’ve currently settled on the DarkMate them (see screenshot below). Continue reading

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NAnt Cross Platform Build Scripts

Yesterday I spent a great deal of time getting my build script for my TwitterNET project to run successfully under Linux on Mono.  My build script was already worked nicely on Windows but since I’ve moved to Linux and didn’t … Continue reading

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State of Wireless in Linux Distros

There in lies the problem. Wireless is now an important part of computing. While my main concern is my desktop, none of the CDs I tried had my wireless working without major hoops on my work provided laptop either (Dell Latitude D830). And wireless is pretty much standard on laptops these days. Wireless has to work and it has to be painless. Continue reading

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Adobe Releases AIR for Linux

Keeping good on their promise to bring their AIR platform to Linux, Adobe has released an alpha version of AIR for Linux today. This is great news for those looking to run AIR on their Linux desktops and Adobe should … Continue reading

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Microsoft is a Flip-Flopper

Yesterday, Microsoft announced a new strategy in relation to “openness” and made basic proclamations with regards to interoperability. The press release entitled, “Microsoft Makes Strategic Changes in Technology and Business Practices to Expand Interoperability” really just served as a general plan of what Microsoft intends to do with making themselves interoperate better with other projects, specifically in the open source arena. Continue reading

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RE: Squandering one of the industry's best open source talents

Now, one thing that Mr. Asay seems to either a) forget or b) fail to recognize is that the concept of rapid application development (RAD), was pretty much completely non-existent on Linux prior to the Mono stack. Engineering a .Net solution for Linux desktops, Miguel and the rest of the Mono team has successfully brought RAD to Linux in a big way. Several of the more popular Gnome applications are Mono based (Banshee, Tomboy, and Beagle). Continue reading

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