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State of Wireless in Linux Distros

There in lies the problem. Wireless is now an important part of computing. While my main concern is my desktop, none of the CDs I tried had my wireless working without major hoops on my work provided laptop either (Dell Latitude D830). And wireless is pretty much standard on laptops these days. Wireless has to work and it has to be painless. Continue reading

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Everybody Hates AT&T

It is no secret that those in the online geek community have a large disdain for AT&T Wireless service. This has only grown with AT&T’s exclusive rights to the iPhone, probably the best thing to come to geeks since the very idea of a smartphone.

Being someone who is all three; a geek, iPhone owner, and AT&T Wireless subscriber, I have to ask: Why is there so much hate for AT&T. And I’m not really focusing on the whole iPhone 3GS pricing. I get the arguments there (both for and against). But I’m more focused on peoples hatred for AT&T Wireless’ service. Continue reading

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