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Houston Techfest 2011 – Wrap Up

Had a great time this past weekend at Houston Techfest. Attended a couple of great sessions and also presented a couple of sessions of my own. If you attended either of these sessions, please click the SpeakerRate links and rate the sessions and leave comments on anything you felt was missing so that I might be able to better present at future events. Continue reading

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NAnt Cross Platform Build Scripts

Yesterday I spent a great deal of time getting my build script for my TwitterNET project to run successfully under Linux on Mono.  My build script was already worked nicely on Windows but since I’ve moved to Linux and didn’t … Continue reading

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Would Open Source Java Threaten Mono?

With a recent article stating that Sun is looking to open source Java and have it ship with Linux, I thought I might take a look at how open source Java might affect the open source development world. People like to focus on the doom and gloom when these kinds of “announcements” are made, but the fact of the matter is this: open sourcing Java will have zero effect on Mono. Continue reading

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