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Get Your Source Code Online

While having a discussion with a friend of mine earlier today about how I would tell if programming candidate was up to snuff, I realized that a lot of programmers out there are probably missing a lot of chances to get better jobs, find more work (if they’re a contractor), or just a simple learning opportunity by not having their source code for their personal programming projects stored in an online code repository. Continue reading

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TwitterNET Project: A .NET Twitter Library

Over the weekend, I finally finished a large chunk of wrapping the Twitter API into a .NET 3.5 library using C#. With the exception of the OAuth & Search methods, this most of the REST methods are complete (only 3 are not done at this time but should be done soon). The project is located on Github by clicking here. Continue reading

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Could the iPhone Google Voice Fiasco Help Android?

The issue here is that (currently) the iPhone is pretty much the most popular phone in the world, making it a very hot platform to develop for. Getting an application into the iPhone App Store means millions of potential customers. While Android currently doesn’t have the same numbers, it does have the possibility to have better numbers if a few high profile devices with some powerful hardware. Keep in mind also, that Motorola has latched on to Android with a furocious passion and they move a lot of handsets. Android has tremendous potential to take off, though it might take another year or two before it really becomes a force to be reckoned with. Continue reading

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Dev Process is Another Tool

Some will tell you that Agile the best process while others will argue for a more waterfall like approach to the process. Others will swear up and down that Lean is the only way to go. The problem with these kinds of arguments is that as we work to find new and better ways to do things, we have a tendency to force them to work in the environment we’re in. We do this rather than try to find the solution that works best for the environment we’re in. Continue reading

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The Case for Stored Procedures

Almost nothing in development is a hard and fast rule. And “best practices” are not always best. Everything is dependent on the exact situation you are in. Sometimes it can be your client who sets the ground rules. And while most clients are reasonable, sometimes they come from a time when things were in fact, done a certain way and they don’t really have a desire to deviate. Some clients will hear you out and make a shift to a different method if proven that the new method will work better. Sometimes, the situation just calls for things to be done a certain way. Continue reading

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Houston Alt.NET Geek Dinner #3

This Thursday the 3rd monthly Houston Alt.NET Geek Dinner will be held at Star Pizza beginning at 6pm.  If you are interested in continuous improvement in your development or for your development team, come to the dinner.  You’ll meet others … Continue reading

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