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Jotting Journal: Your New Private Online Journal

Say hello to Jotting Journal. A private web based (or “cloud based” if you’re into buzz words) online journal. This web application is meant to be a place where you can log your private thoughts and do so in a more cross platform manner than some of the other more popular journal-ing applications out there. Continue reading

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The Noows

Today, I’m happy to announce the “official” launch of my second side project, The Noows. What is “The Noows” you ask? Quite simply it’s a site that lets you, the user, determine exactly what is news. The site works similar to Digg or Reddit in that you click the little button next to the article links and they’re “upvoted” and moved to the top of the homepage. Continue reading

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TwitterNET Project: A .NET Twitter Library

Over the weekend, I finally finished a large chunk of wrapping the Twitter API into a .NET 3.5 library using C#. With the exception of the OAuth & Search methods, this most of the REST methods are complete (only 3 are not done at this time but should be done soon). The project is located on Github by clicking here. Continue reading

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Starting to Develop Android Apps

About a month back a close friend approached me about getting together and writing some mobile applications, specifically targeting the iPhone. The plan came from a desire to learn a couple of new technologies and possibly make a little extra cash. After some research and learning about the costs associated with starting iPhone development, we turn to looking to the Pre and Android platforms. We eventually settled on doing Android applications. Continue reading

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ShortenURL Application Website

I just re-read my post announcing the application I wrote earlier this week, and realized that I didn’t post a link to the applications website.  Can we say “Oops” because that sure is a big one. Website for my ShortenURL … Continue reading

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ShortenURL Application

I just whipped up a new Windows application to allow a user to shorten a URL without having to go to a shortening service’s website.  This was something that annoyed me, because I do not like to have a ton … Continue reading

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