TwitterNET Project: A .NET Twitter Library

Over the weekend, I finally finished a large chunk of wrapping the Twitter API into a .NET 3.5 library using C#.  With the exception of the OAuth & Search methods, this most of the REST methods are complete (only 3 are not done at this time but should be done soon).  The project is located on Github by clicking here.

The reason for the lack of OAuth and Search being complete is due mainly to 2 simple facts:

  1. The search methods return types only come back in the JSON format, and my experience in parsing JSON pretty much non-existent.
  2. I don’t understand OAuth enough to feel I can implement it correctly.  I’ll get to this eventually but it’s not overly necessary to do everyday Twitter stuff (update status, read friends timeline, etc)

Also, there is a wiki with some more information as well as some example code to get folks started, so be sure to check that out as well.

Again her are the links to the project and its wiki:  TwitterNET on Github & TwitterNET Wiki.

I’m hoping to see some forks and some user contributions, I currently have the project under the GPL 2.0, but  I’ll probably change this to a more friendly BSD style license in the future.

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