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The Case for Stored Procedures

Almost nothing in development is a hard and fast rule. And “best practices” are not always best. Everything is dependent on the exact situation you are in. Sometimes it can be your client who sets the ground rules. And while most clients are reasonable, sometimes they come from a time when things were in fact, done a certain way and they don’t really have a desire to deviate. Some clients will hear you out and make a shift to a different method if proven that the new method will work better. Sometimes, the situation just calls for things to be done a certain way. Continue reading

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Sun to Purchase MySQL

Sun acquiring MySQL is big deal for many reasons, but the biggest reason probably has to do with the fact that this brings global support to the database engine. MySQL, is hands down one of the most popular open source database engines on the market today. Some of the most popular websites in the world are based on it (Google & Facebook comes to mind). This acquisition is just what MySQL needed to goto the next level. I for one am glad to see this happen because it gives that extra bit credibility to the software that some executives needed in order to be able to place their faith in it. Continue reading

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