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The Lost Year – 2014 in Review

It occurs to me as I look back at my posts from last year, I didn’t do a 2013 “year in review” and that’s poor form on my part. As I sat down to do this review of 2014, I … Continue reading

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Job Status: In Limbo

On Friday, my boss asked to speak with me in private. He had just gotten back from talking to his investors, and I had an inkling it wasn’t good news. My instincts were correct. Turns out, things have been pretty … Continue reading

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How I Lost 42 Pounds In a Year

Today marks the one year anniversary of when I got serious about wanting to lose weight. As many people have noticed and asked the same “how did you do it” questions, I figured this would be a good time to … Continue reading

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A Plan to Better My Understanding of Various Subjects

If you know me personally, you know I have little reservation about discussing religion or politics in a public setting. I think the idea that you should not discuss these things in “polite” conversation is an idiotic one. If we … Continue reading

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2012 In Review

“All these little failures. My year in review” — Bill Mallonee “My Year in Review” A new year is about to begin, so it seems appropriate to reflect on the previous one. The 2012 year started with the family in … Continue reading

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Fitbit-ing to a Healthier Lifestyle

I’m overweight. In stereotypical computer nerd fashion, I am pudgy. It’s okay, I said it so you can too. I’ve been overweight for a good while now. Everything I’ve tried to date to get healthier has fallen flat on it’s face. I either gave up after a short period or just didn’t care enough. Last month though I decided that something needed to change. I know I needed to be more active but I could never bring myself to actually be more active. Over the summer I tried to get into running, I actually stuck with it longer than I had anything else over the last 5 years, mostly due to the encouragement of a friend of mine who runs L3 Fitness. It only lasted three whole weeks. I’ve since felt quite guilty about not following through, but I knew that diving back into running routinely wasn’t going to stick. I knew I needed a lifestyle change. Continue reading

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