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What Have You Shipped Today?

When you’re wanting to get something done, Be it an application coded, more visitors to your site, or even writing a book, you have to work at it. Whatever it is you want to release isn’t going to build itself.

I used to sit around, think up cool ideas, then do nothing on them and wonder why it didn’t happen. About two years ago that changed. Now I’ve released three things personally, and I’m helping a close friend release a fourth. So what made me go from dreamer to do-er? Continue reading

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Year 2011 in Review

The year 2011 brought about a few great accomplishments, some disappointments, and finally some big changes for me. Lets review some of these. Continue reading

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Houston Techfest 2011 – Wrap Up

Had a great time this past weekend at Houston Techfest. Attended a couple of great sessions and also presented a couple of sessions of my own. If you attended either of these sessions, please click the SpeakerRate links and rate the sessions and leave comments on anything you felt was missing so that I might be able to better present at future events. Continue reading

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Have an idea? Ship It! – A Houston Code Camp Presentation

Yesterday, I attended and presented at Houston Code Camp.  You can see what others were saying by looking at the twitter hashtag #houcodecamp.  The event was a resounding success and I’m hoping we do another next year. Regarding my presentation. … Continue reading

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Moving On, Leaving Sogeti

But good things always have to come to an end at some point and a new beginning must be made. There are always new lessons to learn, new challenges to overcome, and cool new projects to get involved with. So as of today, I’m not longer employed by Sogeti, and will be moving on to a stealth-startup here in Houston. Continue reading

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Build Only What’s Necessary

Is that feature/idea absolutely essential to booking a show for your band?

If the answer to that question was a “No” then we shelved the idea for possible later inclusion. It might seem like a really weird idea to not build as many features as possible, but doing so keeps you on the path to actually launching your product. If we hadn’t followed that one simple rule when deciding where to focus our work, Erick and I would still be working on LiveShow and wouldn’t have gotten it out the door. If you don’t ever release your product/application then you can never make money off of it. Continue reading

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