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What Have You Shipped Today?

When you’re wanting to get something done, Be it an application coded, more visitors to your site, or even writing a book, you have to work at it. Whatever it is you want to release isn’t going to build itself.

I used to sit around, think up cool ideas, then do nothing on them and wonder why it didn’t happen. About two years ago that changed. Now I’ve released three things personally, and I’m helping a close friend release a fourth. So what made me go from dreamer to do-er? Continue reading

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Online Commitments & Burn Out

The end result was I ended up stopping the regular updates on my blog, cut MySpace mainly out of my life, and even stopped Twittering (even though at the time I wasn’t doing it that much). Derek (the host of the radio show) and I even started making changes to the format of our radio show and even added a new co-host. Things have been looking up recently in the way of my online world. Continue reading

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