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Twitter vs. FriendFeed vs. Jaiku

Lets start with the basics, because many people might now know what Jaiku is. Jaiku is a combination microblog and life streaming service that was purchased by Google and is currently invite only. The thing is, Jaiku’s lifestreaming feature was similar to FriendFeed but was around before FriendFeed. I will say that FriendFeed definitely implemented the lifestreaming idea better than Jaiku. Continue reading

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Effective Micro-blogging

It seems that social networks are the new instant messaging protocols of the internet. Remember when you had ICQ and your friend was on MSN and you had to install MSN Messenger to talk to them (or they had to install ICQ)? Remember having anywhere between three or four instant messaging applications in your system tray? Remember when applications like Trillian or Pidgin (then GAIM) came along and saved you from that mess? Well, it’s a new era and it would seem that social networks are just like those instant messaging services of yester-year. Continue reading

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Online Commitments & Burn Out

The end result was I ended up stopping the regular updates on my blog, cut MySpace mainly out of my life, and even stopped Twittering (even though at the time I wasn’t doing it that much). Derek (the host of the radio show) and I even started making changes to the format of our radio show and even added a new co-host. Things have been looking up recently in the way of my online world. Continue reading

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Jaiku Invite Recieved

Thank you Walter for sending me the Jaiku invite.  You totally rock! Now to see how the service compares with Twitter and Pownce.

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