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Properly Using Twitter & FriendFeed

Basically to boil it down, I keep my Twitter stream fairly focused while my FriendFeed stream is anything but focused. FriendFeed is for those that desire information overload. Continue reading

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Trying to Use FriendFeed More

And that’s where FriendFeed’s shining gem lies. As people get on the service and begin marking “Like” on different articles and share various findings from the web you can find a lot of interesting articles on a lot of topics. Everything from information on the latest Iran election riots to iPhone news. Continue reading

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Twitter vs. FriendFeed vs. Jaiku

Lets start with the basics, because many people might now know what Jaiku is. Jaiku is a combination microblog and life streaming service that was purchased by Google and is currently invite only. The thing is, Jaiku’s lifestreaming feature was similar to FriendFeed but was around before FriendFeed. I will say that FriendFeed definitely implemented the lifestreaming idea better than Jaiku. Continue reading

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The Scoble Approach to Social Media

This is a new approach to social media. Everyone is a friend (both onine and offline), and everyone has something interesting to say. This is a far cry from the tech/bloging elite that used to be in the game (and which many consider Scoble to be a part of). It is interesting that someone on Scoble’s level would take such a drastic step away from that blogging elite in search of the smaller voice. But he might be onto something. Continue reading

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