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Power of Information Sabatical

As of Show #93 I will be on sabatical from the radio show I have spent almost 2 years co-hosting, Power of Information.

This was a decision reached by both myself and co-host Derek Alfonso. Due to the time requirements of my job, personal goals within that job, and my wife carrying our new child we felt it best that I step away from the show for an undetermined period of time. Continue reading

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The Scoble Approach to Social Media

This is a new approach to social media. Everyone is a friend (both onine and offline), and everyone has something interesting to say. This is a far cry from the tech/bloging elite that used to be in the game (and which many consider Scoble to be a part of). It is interesting that someone on Scoble’s level would take such a drastic step away from that blogging elite in search of the smaller voice. But he might be onto something. Continue reading

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Digg Loses the News, AllTop Takes Over

I don’t know about anyone else out there, but lately I find myself using Digg less and AllTop more. It just seems that I find more real news and commentary on AllTop than I do on Digg these days. Continue reading

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Microsoft Offers to Buy Yahoo!

In a move that has come as both shocking and expected, Microsoft has made a public bid for Yahoo!, the search company. While everyone on the internet debates the impact such an acquisition could have on said internets, I find it incredibly interesting that Microsoft would make such a move. However, the more I think about it, the more I see this as a smart move on their part. Continue reading

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