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Gowalla Over Foursquare

Enter Gowalla. Gowalla is similar to Foursquare in that it is a location based social network with a game element. You can get points for visiting certain places and there are “trips” you can take that involve checking in at multiple locations. Successfully completing a trip earns you points. Continue reading

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Trying to Use FriendFeed More

And that’s where FriendFeed’s shining gem lies. As people get on the service and begin marking “Like” on different articles and share various findings from the web you can find a lot of interesting articles on a lot of topics. Everything from information on the latest Iran election riots to iPhone news. Continue reading

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FOAF & Social Networking

This works great for connecting yourself to others you know and communicate with via the internet. If you have a lot of friends that you connect to via your web blog, there is almost no better way to connect everyone than by using FOAF. However, this only focuses on the who and how of your social network. What about the problem of where you are social? Continue reading

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Get Your Reading On: Social Networks for Readers

Today, in our final post on using technology to further your reading, we will look at some social networks that are centered around the readers of the world. For those that are new to the idea of a “social network” just think of a social network as a country club (without that stereotypical snobbiness) that is centered around a particular concept. Website likes Facebook and MySpace are social networks to the fullest extent in that, they center around your social circle, whom you know and how. There are other social networks out there like Digg (news), Flixster (movies), and even Twitter (conversation) are all extremely social and centered around something very particular. So now that you understand what a social network is (at least in a very general sense) we can look at the two social networks centered around reading (I’m sure there are more than 2 but the two I’m looking at are the most popular). Continue reading

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The Social Network Age Gap

There was an interesting article (Youngsters Not Happy Oldies Going Online) about the younger folk not really liking the fact that the older crowd is online, using social networks, and most importantly (to the youngsters anyway) sending them friend requests. The article mainly focuses on the younger people who use MySpace and Facebook to talk about and show photos of their elicit activities, not really wanting to accept their parents friend request on either social network. Continue reading

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