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Seesmic for iPhone

It had to happen eventually. Twitter for iPhone (previously known as Tweetie 2) is one of the best Twitter apps for the iPhone. ┬áIt’s jammed packed with features but with some really nice UI elements that don’t give you that … Continue reading

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Status, Location, & Google Buzz

By now I’ve had the time to really mess with Google Buzz quite a bit. I have it importing most of my feeds, and I have made the occasional post to it. I have to say, I like the idea. Buzz is one part status updating (like Twitter or Facebook) and then it adds a location element underneath. As you post from places you can tie the post to a location, bring in some context on your note (at least on occasion). Continue reading

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Is Facebook Winning the OpenID War?

My question is, “Is Facebook winning the OpenID war?”. Not that there is really a war going on persey. I’m sure some people will make the argument that the two technologies are different (and on some level they very much are), but from a end user perspective they accomplish a similar goal and since a lot of people already have Facebook accounts the userbase for Facebook Connect is larger than OpenID. Continue reading

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Facebook Applications: The Blessing & the Curse

It seems that Facebook applications are becoming the bane of a Facebook user’s existence. At least on Facebook anyway. Since Facebook announced their API hundreds of applications have been developed for the Facebook platform and several hundred are used on peoples profiles daily. Continue reading

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The Social Network Age Gap

There was an interesting article (Youngsters Not Happy Oldies Going Online) about the younger folk not really liking the fact that the older crowd is online, using social networks, and most importantly (to the youngsters anyway) sending them friend requests. The article mainly focuses on the younger people who use MySpace and Facebook to talk about and show photos of their elicit activities, not really wanting to accept their parents friend request on either social network. Continue reading

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Online Commitments & Burn Out

The end result was I ended up stopping the regular updates on my blog, cut MySpace mainly out of my life, and even stopped Twittering (even though at the time I wasn’t doing it that much). Derek (the host of the radio show) and I even started making changes to the format of our radio show and even added a new co-host. Things have been looking up recently in the way of my online world. Continue reading

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