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You’ve probably noticed by now that there are two new buttons at the beginning of each post. One for retweeting and one for liking on Facebook. I decided it was time to add some of these buttons to allow users to tell their friends and followers about posts they like. Continue reading

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Tomorrow you will see a new post from a new author here on this blog.  The new author, Andy Snow, is a close personal friend of mine that I have known for many years (well over a decade at this … Continue reading

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New Look

Yep, you’re noticing a new look.  This one is pretty much a straight from the box WP_Premium theme.  There will be some minor customizations over the next week or so.

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Why Rules

But one extra cool thing about AllTop is the “People” section which has two sections of extreme interest: Egos and Twitterati. Think of some of the most popular “internet celebrities” and you will find all their blogs under the “Egos” sub-topic. This includes Fake Steve Jobs, Seth Godin, Michael Arrington, Fred Wilson, and many, many more. The Twitterati section contains many of these same people’s twitter accounts and their latest posts. Continue reading

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Wanted: HelloTxt Mobile Coupon

I am looking for a coupon code for HelloTxt’s mobile website. If you have one that you can send my way, please use the email link above of click here to send it to me. If you have one, I … Continue reading

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OpenID for Comments Disabled (temporarily)

At the moment, you can not use OpenID to leave comments on the site.  This is mainly due to some bugs in the OpenID plugin that I will sort out and figure out.  It might also be tied to the … Continue reading

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