Why AllTop.com Rules

Over the course of this week, I have really come to like AllTop.com, the latest venture from Guy Kawasaki.  AllTop.com is a news aggregator, but not in the way you think of.  It is not a replacement for Google Reader, Bloglines, or even Netvibes.  AllTop takes the "best" (read most popular) blogs and shows you the latest headlines from each.  Each one is categorized by subject and sub-topic.  So take for example, there is a section called "Geekery" it has sub-topics for Gadgets, Gaming, Linux, Macintosh, Popurls, Science, SEO, and Windows.  Then under windows you have links and headlines for all the more popular Windows bloggers.

But one extra cool thing about AllTop is the "People" section which has two sections of extreme interest: Egos and Twitterati.  Think of some of the most popular "internet celebrities" and you will find all their blogs under the "Egos" sub-topic.  This includes Fake Steve Jobs, Seth Godin, Michael Arrington, Fred Wilson, and many, many more.  The Twitterati section contains many of these same people’s twitter accounts and their latest posts.

AllTop allows you to skim the more popular blogs and egos of the internet in a quick manner.  It is great for finding interesting things to read and post about.  You can use it to contribute to the current conversation on the internets and since that is one of the major parts of blogging, it makes this much simpler.

AllTop is definitely one of my new favorite websites.

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