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Now Hosted at

After years on Site5, I decided that instead of paying money for servers I don’t really need, I would instead move my blog to and may they’re much smaller annual fee for having a domain name. This is not … Continue reading

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You’ve probably noticed by now that there are two new buttons at the beginning of each post. One for retweeting and one for liking on Facebook. I decided it was time to add some of these buttons to allow users to tell their friends and followers about posts they like. Continue reading

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Tomorrow you will see a new post from a new author here on this blog.  The new author, Andy Snow, is a close personal friend of mine that I have known for many years (well over a decade at this … Continue reading

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Laid Off Today

This morning at 8am, I was officially laid off from my job with Sogeti USA (Houston office).  To say it was a shock would be a lie, things just weren’t going well where I was involved (lack of billing, hard … Continue reading

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Daily Link Posts

As of this weekend, I have stopped the automatic daily posting of my Delicious bookmarks to this blog.  I did this for a couple of reasons.  The first being is that it was over-running my blog and covered a little … Continue reading

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New Look

Yep, you’re noticing a new look.  This one is pretty much a straight from the box WP_Premium theme.  There will be some minor customizations over the next week or so.

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