Laid Off Today

This morning at 8am, I was officially laid off from my job with Sogeti USA (Houston office).  To say it was a shock would be a lie, things just weren’t going well where I was involved (lack of billing, hard to place, etc) and I saw the writing on the wall long before this proverbial axe came down.  I hold no ill will towards them, and this lay off had nothing to do with me personally.

So tomorrow I begin the hunt for the ever elusive animal known as “employment” and in these troubled times the animal might prove truely elusive.  Time will tell though.  The good news is, that after the layoff I sent my resume out to some people internally and out to some social networks via a link (Michael Koby’s Resume in PDF), and this has already beared some fruit.  Hopfully that “fruit” will grow into interviews and eventually (and hopefully sooner rather than later) offers for employment.

In the mean time, I will get to spend a little more time with my 5 month old son, work on some Android programming, and continue to improve my development skills.

Again, you cam find my resume at the link below.  Please feel free to download it, review it, and pass it around.  Especially if you live in the Houston area.

Michael Koby’s Resume (PDF file)

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