Social Networks & Job Hunting

As noted yesterday, I was laid off from my job recently (yesterday).  After I was laid off, I posted a note to Twitter and Facebook that linked to the PDF version of my resume.  The idea was to cast the widest net possible so I had stuff to look at and people to talk to when I began my job search today.  That link was re-tweeted no less than 7 times by friends and colleagues.  The end result was that, as of this morning 111 people have clicked on that link.  That’s 111 people that have downloaded and/or viewed my resume.  Since it was a direct PDF link, it can be assumed a large percentage of those people actually saw my resume, because their web browser opened the PDF for view in the web browser itself.

While I haven’t uploaded my new resume to places like or HotJobs, in the past I was lucky if 10-12 people clicked on my resume on those sites.  The difference it has made in my search for a job is this, when I began to call people back, return emails, and Twitter direct messages I had 2 phone calls from two different recruiters, 1 email from a corporate recruiter for a consulting company, and 2 Twitter direct messages about possible jobs.  I went from having zero opportunities at 8am yesterday (when I was laid off) to having at least 4 real possible job opportunities in 24 hours.

This really goes to show the power of social networks and having good followers.  I would not have some of the opportunities if it wasn’t for my Twitter followers who retweeted my resume and LinkedIn links like wildfire yesterday.  And on Facebook, I was given instructions for no less than 2 companies on how to apply and send my resume, from real people that I know. Not bots or spam people that can you deal with on places like Monster.

Remember, next time you’re looking for a job, look to your social networks, a lot of good can come from them.

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