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Status, Location, & Google Buzz

By now I’ve had the time to really mess with Google Buzz quite a bit. I have it importing most of my feeds, and I have made the occasional post to it. I have to say, I like the idea. Buzz is one part status updating (like Twitter or Facebook) and then it adds a location element underneath. As you post from places you can tie the post to a location, bring in some context on your note (at least on occasion). Continue reading

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FourSquare Wises Up, Now Useable

Since this change, FourSquare’s iPhone application has seen more use from me. It’s still not on my first iPhone screen (Gowalla’s not going away anytime soon), but it’s on my second and I have found the overall experience of FourSquare to be much more enjoyable then before. Gowalla still has a better overall user experience in my opinion, its more consistent. Continue reading

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Gowalla Over Foursquare

Enter Gowalla. Gowalla is similar to Foursquare in that it is a location based social network with a game element. You can get points for visiting certain places and there are “trips” you can take that involve checking in at multiple locations. Successfully completing a trip earns you points. Continue reading

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