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Privacy in a World with Location Services

However, the other day when I was using Gowalla on my iPhone to check in at a place I was at (local business close to my home), I noticed something when Gowalla pulled up the locations I was close to. What I noticed was an entry labeled “[PERSON’S] House” (I have omitted the person’s name to protect their privacy at least a little). Who in their right mind thought that it was okay to add a personal’s physical residence (where they live) to a social network like this? This is a huge invasion of privacy on that person’s part. And if the person who’s house it is, said it was okay, why would they do that? There are lots of crazies in the world why would you give everyone pinpoint accuracy to where you live. It’s just not a smart move at all. Continue reading

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Gowalla Over Foursquare

Enter Gowalla. Gowalla is similar to Foursquare in that it is a location based social network with a game element. You can get points for visiting certain places and there are “trips” you can take that involve checking in at multiple locations. Successfully completing a trip earns you points. Continue reading

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