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Netvibes Ginger

Today, I got upgraded to the latest soon-to-be released version of Netvibes Homepage, currently code named Ginger.  I have to say, I like the new polished look they have.  I haven’t had a chance to give it the complete dig … Continue reading

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Micro-blogging – Twitter, Jaiku, & Pownce (Oh My!)

So who are the micro-bloggers? Well, everyone can be one, but there are a lot of people doing it right now. People you probably know, but many that you don’t. You are probably asking “Why would I want to tell the whole world I’m going to see a movie, or that I’m watching television?” and you are correct to ask it, but the question doesn’t really have definitive answer. In fact, once you stop asking this question, you’ll find that micro-blogging is easy. The trick, lies in convincing your friends to sign up and use the service(s) as well so you are all “in the know” on each other’s activities. Continue reading

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Who Owns Your Data? (Scoble/Facebook)

So it calls into question, who exactly owns the data on the social network sites? We all automatically assume that because we put the data there, add the friends, make the connections, install the applications (linking them to their respective site where applicable) that we own that data. After all the data is about us. We input it, why should we not own it? That is where the privacy issues come from. If you don’t own the data on a social networking site, then who does own the data, and what can they legally do with that data? These are some serious issues to concern yourself with. If you do not own that data and the site can do with it whatever it pleases, then you basically have zero privacy when it comes to your data on that particular site. Continue reading

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Jaiku – First Impressions

As you can tell from this morning’s post, I received a Jaiku invite. Jaiku is a Twitter like service that was acquired by Google in October of 2007.  I was interested in trying out Jaiku for several reasons: I want … Continue reading

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Jaiku Invite Recieved

Thank you Walter for sending me the Jaiku invite.  You totally rock! Now to see how the service compares with Twitter and Pownce.

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