Netvibes Ginger

Today, I got upgraded to the latest soon-to-be released version of Netvibes Homepage, currently code named Ginger.  I have to say, I like the new polished look they have.  I haven’t had a chance to give it the complete dig thru so this is more of a first impressions kind of post, but one thing I have noticed, is not all of my modules work all the time (if at all).  Some of these modules are even Netvibes provided modules (those that show up on the “Add Content” list) so the lack of working is a little surprising.

I hope that I can spend some time tomorrow digging through the new version to see what exactly is up.  I have been thinking of creating a new Netvibes Universe for Power of Information.  Using some of the RSS feeds Derek, Suzy, and I use to grab stories for the radio show.  Now might be a perfect time to do that.

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