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Build Only What's Necessary

Is that feature/idea absolutely essential to booking a show for your band?

If the answer to that question was a “No” then we shelved the idea for possible later inclusion. It might seem like a really weird idea to not build as many features as possible, but doing so keeps you on the path to actually launching your product. If we hadn’t followed that one simple rule when deciding where to focus our work, Erick and I would still be working on LiveShow and wouldn’t have gotten it out the door. If you don’t ever release your product/application then you can never make money off of it. Continue reading

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Thinking of Starting a Web Business, You Can Do It

Do you say something like “Man it would be great is someone would create a site that does [fill in the blank]” a lot? Do you find yourself coming up with great ideas only to forget them a couple of hours later? Have you ever told an idea to your friends, have them tell you it’s horrible, only to see the exact product a year later released by someone else?

Well, do something about it. Continue reading

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Most Read Posts of 2009

According to my Google Analytics, below are the top 3, most read posts of 2009 on this blog. Buying a HDTV: 720p vs. 180p & Seating Distance – Here I go over what 720p and 1080p are and how seating … Continue reading

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Why Blocking Social Media Sites is a Bad Idea

Draconian access rules like blocking web blogs, social network sites, or video sites will only lead to lower employee moral overall and a higher turn around rate on employees, meaning higher costs overall because you’re constantly having to train new people on your practices, policies, and routines. Like I said, open the internet up to your employees, deal with those not working and you can have a productive and happy team. Continue reading

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links for 2009-06-26

How to: Jailbreak/Unlock iPhone 3.0 – Windows PC redsn0w Edition | The iPhone Blog (tags: iphone jailbreak) Let's make the web faster – Google Code (tags: google optimization programming tutorial web performance)

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Physical Media is Dead (Again)

And while this is most definitely the case, that geeks are streaming/downloading movies more than buying them, the rest of the non-geek population is not. We as geeks live in our own little world and regularly forget that the rest of the world doesn’t think like us. They also do not (for the most part) act like us either. Continue reading

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