Most Read Posts of 2009

According to my Google Analytics, below are the top 3, most read posts of 2009 on this blog.

  1. Buying a HDTV: 720p vs. 180p & Seating Distance – Here I go over what 720p and 1080p are and how seating distance can play a role in buying an HDTV.
  2. iTunes/iPod Tips & Tricks: Recap – This is a list of articles that were written about various tips on using iTunes and an iPod. Many are applicable to the iPhone as well.
  3. Artist versus Album Artist – In this article I explain the difference between the Artist and Album Artist ID3 tags that can be utilized in iTunes and other Mp3 tagging tools.

If you missed these articles (not all of them are from 2009, they were just the most read) feel free to give them a nice read over.  And look forward to new and exciting content in 2010.

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