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Houston Techfest 2011 – Wrap Up

Had a great time this past weekend at Houston Techfest. Attended a couple of great sessions and also presented a couple of sessions of my own. If you attended either of these sessions, please click the SpeakerRate links and rate the sessions and leave comments on anything you felt was missing so that I might be able to better present at future events. Continue reading

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Cutting Worker Costs on Heroku

When we launched LiveShow, we utilized what Heroku calls a “Worker Dyno” to handle background tasks, specifically sending emails. Using a Heroku worker dyno allows you to offload work to a background task so that it doesn’t hold up the actual web server portion of your app. The downside to worker dynos is they cost money, $0.05/hour to be exact. And when you run one all day, everyday for a month, that can add up. Continue reading

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Completely Removing RVM

Today I had to change an single user installation of Ruby Version Manager (RVM), to a system wide installation. But after removing the .rvm folder and .rvmrc file from the user directory, running the RVM installation script would still install to the user directory instead of the system wide /usr/local/rvm directory. What I found is that RVM will embed itself deeply in your system and there are a few more things you have to do, below are the steps to completely remove RVM from your computer. Continue reading

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Vim, RubyTest, & RSpec

If you use the Vim editor (or one of it’s counterparts like gVim), use the RubyTest Vim Plugin, and you use RSpec for some of your testing then you might run into a problem that I was experiencing where it … Continue reading

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Learning a Programming Language a Year: A Plan

If you’re ever had the privilege of reading “Pragmatic Programmers” then you know that they recommend that programmers learn at least one new language a year. Around this time last year, I made the decision to begin following that practice and chose Ruby/Ruby on Rails as my programming language for 2010. While not directly related to my day job, I wanted to build something in the language. With the help of my friend we were able to build Just for Bands in Ruby on Rails, both learning the language as we went along. Continue reading

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gEdit Color Themes

I’ve been using gEdit (the default text editor in Ubuntu) to do some Ruby and Ruby on Rails programming the last few weeks. I was using the RadRails plugin for Eclipse but for some reason my computer slows down considerably when using Eclipse. The thing is, gEdit comes with a couple of nice color themes by default but the darker Oblivion theme wasn’t quite to my liking. So I a quick Google search later and I found a repository on GitHub that contains several nice gEdit color themes. I’ve currently settled on the DarkMate them (see screenshot below). Continue reading

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