MacDaily News Misses the Point

Last week the website, MacDaily News, posted an article entitled, RIM’s BlackBerry 9000 Shows How Little They’ve Learned from Apple’s iPhone and proves that in a world where anyone can have an opinion, an uneducated opinion can really do a lot of harm.

You see the fact of the matter is, the iPhone is cool.  Everyone knows it and a lot of companies (like LG in particular) are working to catch up with the cool factor that has been generated by the iPhone.  The problem is, there is more to a phone than the cool factor.  There is adoption, there is the question of market, and there will always be the question of who’s next.  MacDaily News is incredibly quick to point out how lame the new BlackBerry 9000 is and how much it doesn’t improve on the existing product.  Fair enough, there is not a ton of innovation between the BlackBerry 8800 to the 9000 to warrant a jaw drop.  Also, they really focus on the saying things like:

"…but has not of the multi-touch goodness of the iPhone" and "It’s the same old, same old in an iPhone-inspired wrapper"

Maybe it is just me but I do not see this "iPhone-inspired wrapper" they speak of.  In fact I see something that is more in line with RIM’s previous offers than with the iPhone.  But RIM has a different market focus than Apple when it comes to mobile devices.

Research In Motion’s market?  The enterprise first and foremost.  Don’t believe, then just look at the fact that in almost every new BlackBerry release, it goes to the business side of provider first and the consumer side second.  The iPhone’s market?  Consumers and most specifically a younger generation of consumers at that.  Ask any older person what they want in a phone and more often than not you will hear, "I want to be able to make phone calls.  Taking a picture would be cool, but its not a requirement" and this is not Apple’s market.  The older generation could care less about the flashy interface of a device when it comes to actual use.  Sure they might say "wow that’s nifty" or have their eyes grow wide in awe of something new, but overall they don’t need it to live their daily lives.

So if Apple’s market is not the older generation (the large percentage of which controls/makes decisions in the enterprise world), Apple is not going to be selling to those folks.  Enterprise people want a phone that works and does what they need it to do.  The BlackBerry devices do that.  They work and they do it on an existing infrastructure that IT departments have spent years laying down.  The iPhone is not going to replace RIM in the enterprise anytime soon.  Enterprise folk are not looking to RIM to come out with an iPhone killer.  In fact most of them could care less as many of them are still on previous generation BlackBerry phones like the 8700.

Secondly, a touch screen is not everything.  In fact, every person that I know that has a touch screen device says the same thing with they pick up my Curve and use the trackball, "oooh, I like the trackball." or "wow this is a nice phone" so apparently a touch screen isn’t everything.  Multi-touch is a cool innovation and Apple should be commended for it as it really changes the way people interact with their phones and other devices.  But multi-touch is not going to completely replace existing navigation technologies.

Last but not least, MacDaily News needs to get a serious clue and stop drinking the Apple kool-aid.  I mean yes, Apple came out with some really cool stuff when it unleashed the iPhone on the masses but seriously, I have never read an article with so much fan-boyism in it.  Read up on technology, work in an enterprise IT, or something before you go off on things you apparently do not understand.  Nokia is not going anywhere, they allow interchangeable SIM cards, they offer some pretty nifty smartphone devices (not to mention they developed some of the first smart devices), and they’ve been on the 3G bandwagon for about as long as anyone can remember.  Microsoft is not going anywhere either.  They have market share and they continue to improve their mobile OS with each iteration.  I do not know how long LG will last, but as long as people need cheap devices, we’ll see a lot of them.  Seriously, the people at MacDaily News need to come out of the Apple induced haze and read up on other technologies because it’s articles like the one I linked to that really prove that some people really just have no idea what they are talking about.

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