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How Smartphones are Changing Travel

This was my first out of state road trip in a probably a decade. And it was interesting to me to see how much smartphones have changed how road trips are done. And I don’t mean in the “keep your kids entertained” kind of way. What follows are just a few observations as to how having a smartphone has changed road trips. Continue reading

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iPhone vs. Droid, Consumer Wins

I’ve been reading a lot about the Verizon’s new smartphone, the Motorola Droid. You’ve probably have seen the iDon’t commercials from Verizon about all the things the Droid does that the iPhone doesn’t do. And we’re seeing a small uptick in online flame wars on Droid versus iPhone. The fanboys have certainly been out in force so I want to take a look at things from a broader perspective because with the Droid, Motorola has shown that Android should be taken seriously. Continue reading

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MacDaily News Misses the Point

Last but not least, MacDaily News needs to get a serious clue and stop drinking the Apple kool-aid. I mean yes, Apple came out with some really cool stuff when it unleashed the iPhone on the masses but seriously, I have never read an article with so much fan-boyism in it. Read up on technology, work in an enterprise IT, or something before you go off on things you apparently do not understand. Continue reading

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