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Google, Android, and Open Source

Google announced that they would be holding back with regards to releasing the latest version of the Android operating system. The release in question, Android 3.0 aka Honeycomb aka the version for tablets. The reasoning for this they say is two fold: 1) the code isn’t ready to be released to the public, and 2) they don’t want manufacturers attempting to put Honeycomb on smaller form factor devices (read “mobile phones”).

Then Google announced today that they were going to tighten the requirements on releasing Android based products. More specifically they were going to enforce the clause in their licensing agreement (the one that allows companies to use the “with Google” tag on their devices like the recently released Motorola Xoom) that the devices must meet certain standards and certain objectives must be met.

I want to look at both of these things in this article, because they kind of go hand in hand. Continue reading

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Android and the Fragmentation FUD

With the recent announcement of the new iPhone 4, there’s been a lot of talk about how it compares to the latest run of Android devices (HTC EVO, HTC Droid Incredible, and Nexus One). However anytime someone brings up the Android elephant in the iPhone room, there’s talk similar to “oh well Android is fragmented” or “all those apps won’t work on your phone” and other similar phrases. I want to spend some time today discussing this issue as I see it. Continue reading

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Open(?) Cell Networks in the United States

A week ago, Verizon announced that they will be instituting an “open” network that will allow a person to bring any device that’s CDMA compatible with any phone operating system onto that their network.  This week, AT&T is claiming that … Continue reading

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