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FourSquare Wises Up, Now Useable

Since this change, FourSquare’s iPhone application has seen more use from me. It’s still not on my first iPhone screen (Gowalla’s not going away anytime soon), but it’s on my second and I have found the overall experience of FourSquare to be much more enjoyable then before. Gowalla still has a better overall user experience in my opinion, its more consistent. Continue reading

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Social Networks & Job Hunting

This really goes to show the power of social networks and having good followers. I would not have some of the opportunities if it wasn’t for my Twitter followers who retweeted my resume and LinkedIn links like wildfire yesterday. And on Facebook, I was given instructions for no less than 2 companies on how to apply and send my resume, from real people that I know. Not bots or spam people that can you deal with on places like Monster. Continue reading

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Online Task Management Systems Compared

Over the past month, I have been using and testing various online task management systems.  My goal was to use a system that: Was easy to use Had decent iPhone integration Gave me the most features for free With those … Continue reading

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Twitter Goes Mainstream, Now What?

It finally happened.  Last week, Twitter, the social networking site where people share bits of their life 140 characters at a time hit the mainstream.  The reason?  Ashton Kutcher.  You know Ashton Kutcher as that guy from “That 70’s Show”,  … Continue reading

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Twitter vs. FriendFeed vs. Jaiku

Lets start with the basics, because many people might now know what Jaiku is. Jaiku is a combination microblog and life streaming service that was purchased by Google and is currently invite only. The thing is, Jaiku’s lifestreaming feature was similar to FriendFeed but was around before FriendFeed. I will say that FriendFeed definitely implemented the lifestreaming idea better than Jaiku. Continue reading

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Comcast buys Plaxo

Yesterday Plaxo announced that they were in a deal to be bought by Comcast.  This resulted in a couple of more prominant online folks (Leo Laporte for example) looking for ways to cancel their Plaxo account. I have to say, … Continue reading

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