Comcast buys Plaxo

Yesterday Plaxo announced that they were in a deal to be bought by Comcast.  This resulted in a couple of more prominant online folks (Leo Laporte for example) looking for ways to cancel their Plaxo account.

I have to say, that this does give Comcast a nice collection of personal information on several of their customers (and their customers’ contacts).  So I have to wonder if deleting all my information and contacts out of Plaxo might be the way to go.  I haven’t made any drastic moves yet, just thinking about what I should do.

Doing so would mean I’d have to find a new place to backup my contacts, now if I could just find a place that offers over-the-air BlackBerry contact/calendar sync and does it for free (or a really cheap yearly fee like Plaxo).

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