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Why Giving Away Free (or Cheap) Music Works

You see, I don’t really like Nine Inch Nails musically. Why? I’ve never really been the “mad at the world” type. Stuff happens, I deal, and move on as best as possible. I’m not saying that Trent Reznor is not talented, in fact I think quite the contrary and find him to be an incredibly talented musician. I just don’t like his music. And a person does not have to like everything. Continue reading

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The Scoble Approach to Social Media

This is a new approach to social media. Everyone is a friend (both onine and offline), and everyone has something interesting to say. This is a far cry from the tech/bloging elite that used to be in the game (and which many consider Scoble to be a part of). It is interesting that someone on Scoble’s level would take such a drastic step away from that blogging elite in search of the smaller voice. But he might be onto something. Continue reading

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Net Neutrality Is No Good

Obviously you can see why the first kind of net neutrality described above could be bad. If the service providers are controlling what content gets to us faster then they are controlling the flow of information even more. Several of these service providers also own television stations, news corporations, and so forth. If they can control the news and information we get, this has populace control written all over it. Of course that view is rather extreme but do not think for one second that that this couldn’t be used to push an agenda. Continue reading

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The Web 2.0 Minority

Over the past couple of weeks I have had several conversations with co-workers and fellow geeks that I am personal friends with. That might not sound that unusual, but when you consider that, on more than several occasions I have had to explain the concept of Twitter, Digg, Mahalo, and other Web 2.0 companies and ideas, it starts to make sense why I bring this up. Continue reading

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Mahalo & Human Power Search

The idea that a search company could beat Google, is ludicrous at best. Google practically owns search. That does not mean they return the best results, however. In fact, sometimes you have to search two or three times to get the desired results. It has taken many a search for me to get to where I am in regards to search ability. But what if I could type in the exact thing I wanted and get a page of results dedicated to just that subject? That’s what Mahalo tries to do. Continue reading

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I Won This Week's "Follow Me Friday"

Yep, that’s right.  Yours truly has won Chris Garrett’s "Follow Me Friday" contest today.  Every week Chris picks a random Twitter follower for a prize.  This weeks’ prize was three free months of training from (a $300 value).  I’m … Continue reading

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