Why I Uninstalled TweetDeck From My iPhone

Last night after trying to use it for an entire day, I uninstalled TweetDeck from my iPhone.  The app, in case you haven’t used it yet, is gorgeous.  It is incredibly simple to use while retaining much of the power that can be found in the desktop version of TweetDeck, most specifically tabs.  But it had it’s share of problems.

While the application looks fantastic, it’s buggy as all heck.  I had random crashes when trying to add users to a tab I had just created while viewing their profile.  It would randomly crash when loading a tweet or a user.  But also, it didn’t handle refreshes in a way that made sense.  I would see new tweets when I had the app open, but if I closed the app and loaded it up a few minutes later after doing something else, those tweets I saw when I was in TweetDeck would be gone when I came back and sometimes would not be shown after the app refreshed the tab.  Missing tweets don’t work well in a twitter app.  Finally, the lack of a landscape keyboard option is almost a deal breaker for me.  With how much I tweet from my iPhone I need a landscape keyboard option, since I type faster and with more accuracy that way.

I’m sure I could have gotten over the missing tweets thing, it might even have been user error, but the random crashes really made the app unusable.  Combined with the lack of landscape keyboards and you’ve really got an app I just can’t  use.  So for now, I’m sticking with Tweetie.  There’s a reason that it’s one of the top iPhone Twitter apps even though it cost 3 bucks to purchase.  It’s a solid app and easy to use.

Did you install TweetDeck to your iPhone?  What do you think?  Are you having similar experiences to mine or are yours completely different?

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