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Online Video & Content Makers

These days, it seems like everyone is cutting access to thrid-party hardware/software. Hulu did it with Boxee and now YouTube is doing it with non-approved partners (like Popcorn Hour).

When it comes to online content, streaming movies through services like Vudu, and Netflix’s “Watch it Now” the content makers are doing one of the best jobs of shotting themselves in the foot, and doing it with the up-most of consistency. Continue reading

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Star Wars: Clone Wars Review

Just got out from seeing the latest Star Wars feature, Clone Wars.  Before we dive in let me inform you that I have read all 9 volumes of Dark Horse’s Clone Wars graphic novels multiple times.  I was excited to … Continue reading

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The Issue of Robin

The idea here is that Robin is important to the overall character development of Batman. It shows he’s human and is not just a over-obcessed nutball, he has a mission and he needs people to carry on that mission after he dies. He needs family, something that he never truely had. Continue reading

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Digital Movie Downloads Will NOT Kill Blu-Ray

With last week’s death march for HD-DVD, many have been saying that Blu-Ray’s victory will be short lived. The reason for this is because several people seem to believe that digital movie downloads will kill physical media, including (but not limited to Blu-Ray). This clam, while extremely plausible in the next 5 years, is ludicrous from the “anytime soon” standpoint. Digital movie downloads are not endangering Blu-Ray for two simple reasons. Continue reading

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Format Wars

The way I see it, downloadable movies (especially in HD quality) is going to be a commodity item for a nice little while. Reason being is file size. a DVD quality movie is 4-8GB minimum and HD quality is 1.5 times that at around 720p (2.25 times at 1080). Also, with the exception of the Xbox 360 and the PS3, there is not an easy consumer friendly way to watch downloaded movies on your television. I will say that Tivo has something that is quite nice with its Amazon Unbox integration and Apple TV has a lot of things done right but it’s still not perfect. But we are still not quite there with consumer friendly methods to watch a downloaded movie on your television. Continue reading

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MacWorld 2008 Predictions Follow-up

So my total score was like 4 out 9 (if you count my SDK addendum, which there was a small mention of the SDK but no firm release date). So for the first of Almost, Not Yet Macworld Predictions, not a bad score. Yes, it’s less than half, but Apple announcement have been known to be changed at the last minute so who knows. You pretty much have to predict a lot of stuff to get even one thing right it seems with these things. It was fun and we will definitely do it again next year. Continue reading

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