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Warner Bros. is Run by Idiots

Engadget has an article about Netflix reaching a deal with Warner Brothers Pictures (people who bring us Harry Potter, Batman, and the Matrix films) where Netflix will delay shipping new release rentals out for 28 days. The idea here is that Warner Bros. hopes that this will encourage people to buy a DVD or Blu-Ray rather than just renting it. It’s a horrible idea, brought about by people who apparently don’t even understand their customers. For this reason, I claim that Warner Bros. Pictures is run by idiots. Continue reading

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Buying an HDTV: High Definition Content

So you’ve got your nice brand new (or slightly used) high definition television to your home and you’ve got it turned on.  What in the world are you going to watch?  What high definition content is out there in the … Continue reading

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Physical Media is Not Dead

Being on the forefront of technology (or at least reading about it) brings me to a lot of blogs, articles, websites, and the like that all seem to say the same thing, “Physical media is dead” and they have all … Continue reading

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Digital Movie Downloads Will NOT Kill Blu-Ray

With last week’s death march for HD-DVD, many have been saying that Blu-Ray’s victory will be short lived. The reason for this is because several people seem to believe that digital movie downloads will kill physical media, including (but not limited to Blu-Ray). This clam, while extremely plausible in the next 5 years, is ludicrous from the “anytime soon” standpoint. Digital movie downloads are not endangering Blu-Ray for two simple reasons. Continue reading

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Power of Information #65

This week on the Power of Information, Derek, Suzy, and I discuss Apple’s latest announcements (and there’s a lot of them this week), Universal starting Blu-Ray support, and Melinda Gates gives a rare interview. We also talk about micro-blogging site, Jaiku, an open source search engine, and we look at some recent video game announcements. All this and more on this week’s Power of Information. Continue reading

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Format Wars

The way I see it, downloadable movies (especially in HD quality) is going to be a commodity item for a nice little while. Reason being is file size. a DVD quality movie is 4-8GB minimum and HD quality is 1.5 times that at around 720p (2.25 times at 1080). Also, with the exception of the Xbox 360 and the PS3, there is not an easy consumer friendly way to watch downloaded movies on your television. I will say that Tivo has something that is quite nice with its Amazon Unbox integration and Apple TV has a lot of things done right but it’s still not perfect. But we are still not quite there with consumer friendly methods to watch a downloaded movie on your television. Continue reading

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