Linux/Windows Haters

In my realatively short existence in the IT world, I have run into two kinds of people when it comes to Linux.  There are those that are okay with would consider using, but do not.  These people understand the reason(s) some would choose to use it but it is just not for them.  Then there is the other type of people.  Those that will find any reason to shoot down the operating system and openly mock those that choose to use it.

Why are there people like those in the second group?  And more to the point why must there be an operating system war?  All the operating systems that exist, do so because someone needed something that was not available in any already existing operating system.

You have the Linux crowd that hates anything to do with Windows and believes that everyone should be using Linux.  You Windows users who ask “why would you need something like Linux?”  Then you have the OSX folks who just wonder what all the arguing is about in the first place.   Why can some people not accept the fact that different people like to use different operating systems to be productive.  Some are just more productive on a non-Windows machine.  Some people like OSX because it is easier for them to use in their day to day life.

What I find really just plain idiotic are those that bash another operating system without having used it for longer than a couple of hours.  I find that most people who complain about Linux or Mac OSX, only used it for a couple of hours.  More specifically they got to point where they were going to have to do research to figure out how to do something and wrote the whole OS off as unusable.  It takes weeks, sometimes months to truly become associated with a new operating system.  You are not going to start off knowing how to do every little thing, most of you Windows users did not know how to do a lot of what you do now before you googled or had a person show you how.  So why give up so easily on a new operating system?

The operating system flame wars really should be a thing of the past now.  All the major operating systems out exist for a reason.  Everyone can use the operating system the feel most comfortable in and they should not feel superior or inferior to anyone.

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