Blockbuster Chooses Blu-Ray

A couple of my buddies and I are in constant debate over who will win the “HD Format War”.  We all go back and forth, picking sides and making our points.  I believe that while Blu-Ray is the better format, that HD-DVD will eventually win out due to the consumer friendly name.  But  a couple of things have happened recently that might give Blu-Ray the fighting chance it’s needed in the consumer arena.

About 5-6 months ago, Disney made the official decision to go exclusively with Blu-Ray.  This is a huge deal, because people buy Disney movies by the truck loads.  The more recent announcement, that Blockbuster has chosen Blu-Ray (via Engadget), could be the final straw in the format war.  If it is not the final straw, it is almost definitely a big one.

I really think that Blu-Ray needs to win this format war.  It is by far the better format, at least from a storage capacity standpoint.  However, from a visual perspective, they look the same to me.  I just think that more potential data storage can mean better quality for the long term.

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