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Get Your Reading On:

This is where comes into play. makes reading on a daily basis a snap. You simply sign up for an account (they will send you a registration verification), pick the book (or books you want to get in your email, and the next day you begin reading the books you’ve always wanted to read. Continue reading

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Getting Your Reading On (Introduction)

Over the next week few days or so, we will take a look at things like digital audiobooks, eBooks (and eBook readers), ways to read books via email and RSS, and we will even look at a couple of social networking sites that are centered around reading. There is a lot out there in technology when it comes to reading and expanding one’s mind. Join me as we take a look at some of that technology. Continue reading

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Christians Versus Harry Potter

It seems Christians (whom I would consider “my people”) are still tackling the Harry Potter issue with every movie and book release. Fortunately they have run out of books to complain about but we still have two more movies to get through and we can expect that Christians are going to continue to complain about them. Continue reading

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Killer Flagship Content by ChrisG (Review)

I just finished reading
Killer Flagship
Content by Chris
Garrett of currently of and
(formally?) .
This fourteen page
ebook that comes as
a free gift when
subscribing to the
RSS feed for is a great
beginning resource for
any new blogger. In
fact, it is probably
one of newest must
read resources for a
new blogger. Continue reading

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Five Batman Graphic Novels

Batman is one of DC Comics’ most iconic characters. Along with Superman, his popularity ranks up there in the comic book mainstream today. While Batman has continually had his ups and downs over the past decade, there have been some … Continue reading

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Five Graphic Novels Everyone Should Read

When it comes to literature, comic books have received something of a bad reputation. Long thought of as teenage flights of fancy they have never been give much respect when it comes to literary review or teachings. I would like … Continue reading

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