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Alright, I hope you are excited about using technology to help you read more. As I said in the introduction, reading is an integral part of our lives. We do it on such a consistent basis, and it’s not always what we want to read. It might be for work, or for the kids, or even for anyone else but ourselves. That’s one of the things that I hope to help your remedy today. With all of today’s technological advances you would think that someone out there would give us a better way to read using all this great and wonderful tech that we use everyday. How about a way to read an entire book through your email, for free (or a small fee depending on the book)?

This is where comes into play. makes reading on a daily basis a snap. You simply sign up for an account (they will send you a registration verification), pick the book (or books you want to get in your email, and the next day you begin reading the books you’ve always wanted to read.

What Books Are Available

Right off the bat you will notice that there are two kinds of books available on The free ones and the ones that cost you a small fee (I went through about 100 titles and nothing was higher than about $10). The classics, titles like Tom Sawyer, Tale of Two Cities, and The Prince will run the nice high price of absolutely nothing, while other titles like DailyLit’s Spanish Lessons will run you $6.95. While the selection is definitely not huge, the selection is at least big enough for you to catch up on all the classics for free. The classic novels are some of the hardest to get through if you were to read them in standard book form. However reading them in small chunks in your email daily, makes them a little easier to get through. This is how you can read some of the greatest stories every put to paper, without too much trouble.

Other Features

As the pieces of the books come into your email on a daily basis, what happens when you get to those really good parts? You know the parts where if you were reading an actual book it causes to you to forget how to move your arm in a downward motion? Well takes care of that. At bottom of every email there are some links, one of which is a link that will send you the next installment of the book to your email immediately. You also have the ability to suspend the book temporarily, say for example, if you were going to be out of town and without email access for a short period of time. All the links are there for you to control exactly what happens with the book you currently have “open” and control is an important feature.

However, that’s not the only extra feature available. What about those of you who don’t really like email. In fact you hate it but you love reading you some RSS feeds in your favorite RSS reader like Google Reader or Bloglines? Well also offers the ability to read a book daily in via RSS. So all you need to do is select the RSS option for the book in question and you are on your way to some literary RSS reading. So as you can, you have options, and who in their right mind doesn’t like options.


By now, you have probably already head on over to to check it out. It’s a great way to catch up on your reading. However, I would like to see the catalog grow. Maybe they need to make more deals with more publishers. I’m sure publishers really do not like the idea of people having a book sent to a customer in pieces. Pieces that can be stored somewhere for later reading. However, publishers should keep in mind that times are a-changing. More people are relying on technology and many are starting to read less physical books. A program like is fantastic for those people who don’t want to sit down and hold a physical book in their hands. Most of those people are already reading their email on a daily basis anyway. Why not sell them something to read while you are at it. I encourage you to check out and start reading books via email today.

Join us in a couple of days when we will take a look at audiobooks. Where can you buy them? Where can you buy ones that you know will work on your portable player? We will answer these questions and a couple of more, so stay tuned…

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