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Why Comic Books Matter

The way television is today, it is hard to get a show that is not based on reality to become popular. Shows like American Idol and America’s Next Top Model dominate the airwaves and have for the better part of … Continue reading

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The Dark Tower

There are no words
that have stuck with
me long after finishing
the story than those.
Roland’s tale seems
to end after two
decades and 7
books. But that was
before Marvel
Comics got their
hands on the series.
Now a gorgeous
comic book, the land
of Midworld lives on.
With Robin Furth
helming the writing
duties, this promises
to keep the world
alive and kicking well
beyond King’s novels.
Which for us, is a
good thing. Continue reading

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IGN On the Batman Franchise

As a quick follow up to today’s list post, IGN is running an article on the Batman Franchise of comics. It is a really interesting read considering that IGN is responsible for some of the best writing on the comic … Continue reading

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Five Batman Graphic Novels

Batman is one of DC Comics’ most iconic characters. Along with Superman, his popularity ranks up there in the comic book mainstream today. While Batman has continually had his ups and downs over the past decade, there have been some … Continue reading

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Preacher Coming to HBO

The Hollywood Reporter is runnig a story that HBO bringing the Preacher comics to the small screen. From the article: The pay cable network is developing a one-hour series based on the popular 1990s Vertigo comics series. Mark Steven Johnson, … Continue reading

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Joss Whedon to Take Over Runaways

A nice little piece of information just came across my newswires courtesy of IGN’s Comics section. It appears that Joss Whedon will be taking over the writing duties for the comic book series Runaways. This is of the highest good … Continue reading

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