Getting Your Reading On (Introduction)

Reading is an important part of our lives. It helps us learn new things, increase our vocabulary, and can even make us smarter in ways we can begin to imagine. Technology has only helped us read more with online magazines, newspapers offering online versions of their stories, even all the blogs out there. There really is not a moment in this day and age where we do not read something off a page, paper, or screen. People are still buying books, and some companies are working to change the way we read. No longer do you need to run out and purchase a thick, heavy hardback when a new book comes out. Instead, you can listen to an audiobook on your iPod, or buy the eBook to read on your eBook Reader. There are even ways to read books via email. It is crazy how much stuff is out there to help us read more. Some will argue that people are not reading anymore, and this is just not the case. Libraries still check out books, bookstores are still in business, and bestsellers lists are filled with titles that are purchased regularly.

I personally have recently picked up reading again. I’m currently listening to an audiobook in my car while driving, reading an eBook on my BlackBerry, reading a book via, and I’m reading a physical book when I’m at home. This has inspired me to write a series of post centered around reading. Over the next week few days or so, we will take a look at things like digital audiobooks, eBooks (and eBook readers), ways to read books via email and RSS, and we will even look at a couple of social networking sites that are centered around reading. There is a lot out there in technology when it comes to reading and expanding one’s mind. Join me as we take a look at some of that technology.

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